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£ 39.99

In Stock Ref: WGCPAO-3008

We have put together this wonderful collection of 12 Goloka Pure Aroma Fragrance Oils. Individu ...

Includes Postage & Packaging

We have put together this wonderful collection of 12 Goloka Pure Aroma Fragrance Oils. Individually they are £6.99 each, giving you a massive saving of £43.89

This fabulous collection consists of:

Goloka Nag Champa Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Originating in India, Nag Champa is undoubtedly one of the worlds favourite incense fragrances. Its a heavenly combination of magnolia and sandalwood, perfect to relieve stress and enhance your mood - ideal in the bathroom when you take an indulgent soak!

Goloka Mystic Rose Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
A favourite throughout the ages, this Rose fragrance has been created from a blend of rose oil, rosewood and blossom. Created to be both calming and mood enhancing.

Goloka Peruvian Palo Santo Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Originating from South America, Palo Santo is both a sacred and rare wood. Its main use is in rituals to combat negative energy. It has a sweet aroma and is therefore often used in purification rituals. However, its also a fragrance to attract love and enhance personal creativity.

Goloka California White Sage Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Created from the silver-white leaves of the sacred Salvia Apiana plant, which flourishes in the coastal scrub area of southern California, down to the western edges of the Mojave desert. Generations of the indigenous people and shamans have used this herb in purification rituals. Use this fragrance to refresh your home and to banish negative vibes and enhance positive energy throughout your personal space.

Goloka French Lavender Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
The Lavender plant thrives in several southern Mediterranean countries, the finest is believed to be from France. It has been recognised for centuries not just for its pleasant aroma but for its soothing and grounding qualities. Ideal for relaxing and unwinding, but perfect for meditation.

Goloka Madagascar Vanilla Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Originally a native of the area we now refer to as Mexico, many regard Madagascar Vanilla as the finest. It thrives under the canopy of the tropical rainforest. Despite being the second most expensive spice in the world (after Saffron) it remains a firm favourite for its flavour and its ability to induce harmony and calm.

Goloka Egyptian Jasmine Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
This highly fragrant plant has for centuries been referred to as the Queen of the Night, as its wonderful, sweet floral scent is at its highest after sundown. Because of its reputation for creating a highly charged atmosphere, it has over the years also become known as the King of Flowers and is regarded as a potent aphrodisiac.

Goloka Mysuru Sandalwood Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Sourced from Mysore (Mysuru) in India, where it is referred to as the Royal Tree. Because of the demand for its therapeutic and cosmetic uses, Sandalwood is one of the planets most expensive type of wood. Its clean fresh aroma is very appealing and widely acknowledged to have the ability to reduce stress, Moreover, Sandalwood chips can retain their fragrance for decades.

Goloka Himalayan White Musk Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
Originally, musk was an animal extract. Today, its slightly sweet, woody yet soft aroma is highly recommended for a good nights sleep, to reduce anxiety and is entirely plant-based.

Goloka Indian Citronella Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
A great fragrance created from a combination of different types of Lemongrass - it has a wonderfully fresh scent and can make you feel like its summer even in the middle of winter! Which explains why its known as a very effective antidepressant, And theres an added bonus if you use it outside in the summer - its a very effective insect repellent.

Goloka Pure Patchouli Aroma Fragrance Oil
Its actually a member of the mint family of plants but the intensive, sweet aroma of Patchouli has a long-lasting quality. Because of its intoxicating scent is has for centuries been believed to increase sexual desires, heighten emotions and alleviate depression.

Goloka Sri Lankan Cinnamon Pure Aroma Fragrance Oil
The wonderful aroma of Cinnamon is best suited to the winter months - it creates an amazing feeling of well being, safety and warmth - exactly what you need to concentrate your powers during dark days.

Each one of these 10 ml bottles of pure aroma oil is beautifully presented in its own individually decorated pouch, with suggestions of its uses and aromatic properties - so it makes a great gift individually or as a set!

As with all aromatic oils, we recommend that you add a little water to your burner, then add a few drops of your favourite oil (we recommend 5). Light your tea light, place under your burner, clear your mind, concentrate and visualise the purpose of your chosen oil or just simply relax and enjoy the fragrance.

None of these products have been tested on animals.

Goloka is a very well known and highly respected producer of fine incense and high-quality fragrance oils.

Based in India, they are a non-profit company that supports scholarship and tuition assistance for kids that without their help would have no hope of an education.

They provide daily meals for children that would otherwise go hungry, and they support widows by training them in the art of incense creating, so they can support themselves.


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