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£ 8.99

In Stock Ref: IS_88022-2949

This beautifully presented Premium Collection of all your favourites in 6 assorted incense stick ...

Includes Postage & Packaging

This beautifully presented Premium Collection of all your favourites in 6 assorted incense stick packs is from the quality producer Elements and comes in a fabulous gift pack box.

These incense sticks are highly fragranced - each one of this super collection has a specific purpose, details of which are shown below.

This collection would make an excellent gift for someone dear to you, or of course, you could just spoil yourself!

Each box contains 20 sticks and each stick is 24cm long

This wonderful collection consists of 120 sticks:

20 x Aloe Vera Incense Sticks
The scent from Also Vera incense is both soothing and calming in nature, fostering relaxation within the body while emitting a delightful aroma

20 x Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks
Frankincense and myrrh combine two biblical fragrances which promote spiritual enlightenment.

20 x Sandalwood Incense Sticks
Sandalwood has a sweet and woody fragrance. It has a harmonising and calming effect which reduces tension and confusion.

20 x Jamine Incense Sticks
Jasmine has an exotic floral fragrance for aiding relaxing and boosting confidence while also providing a sensual aroma.

20 x Lavender Incense Sticks
Lavender is a sweet floral fragrance which promotes a calm relaxed atmosphere and aids in a good nights sleep.

20 x Patchouli Incense Sticks
Patchouli is an earthy fragrance and is believed to have a grounding and balancing effect and to control anxiety.

Please Note: We have been told that some companies take all of the sticks out of their boxes and flat pack them (leaving you to assemble them) in order to save on postage We DO NOT do this - all presentation boxes are despatched fully assembled.


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